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Finish: Chrome
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The TSW VALENCIA CHROME Wheel is available in wheel sizes of 17,18,19,20. The TSW VALENCIA CHROME Wheel is also offered in a number of bolt patterns and offsets to ensure proper fitment on your vehicle. TSW wheels are sold with hub centric rings to ensure a vibration-free ride. TSW wheels are manufactured to extremely high standards that often significantly exceed the industry norm, resulting in a smoother, better handling ride.
Price per Wheel
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Size Price  
17x8 $258
18x8 $378
18x9.5 $378
19x8 $418
19x9.5 $418
20x8.5 $466
20x10 $466
The Package name is TSW VALENCIA CHROME
WHEELS & TIRES PACKAGES (4 Rims & 4 Tires)

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Size Package Tire
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17x8 205/40HR17 SUNNY SN-3800 $1175
17x8 215/45HR17 SUNNY SN-3800 $1175
17x8 235/45HR17 SUNNY SN-3800 $1475
18x8 215/35HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1790
18x8 225/40HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1790
18x8 235/40HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1830
18x8 245/40HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1830
19x8 235/35ZR19 SUNNY SN-3800 $1960
19x8 245/35ZR19 SUNNY SN-3800 $1960
19x8 225/35ZR19 SUNNY SN-3970 $1960
20x8.5 225/35ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $2095
20x8.5 245/35ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $2095
20x8.5 255/35ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $2095
20x8.5 245/40ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $2095