The TSW BATHURST Wheel is a rotary forged wheel that is available in gunmetal or silver finishes and in wheel sizes of 17,18,19,20,22. The TSW BUTHURST Wheel is also offered in a number of bolt patterns and offsets to ensure proper fitment on your vehicle. TSW wheels are sold with hub centric rings to ensure a vibration-free ride. TSW wheels are manufactured to extremely high standards that often significantly exceed the industry norm, resulting in a smoother, better handling ride. TSW BATHURST rims at unbeatable price from Victoria Tire & Wheel. Free Shipping on TSW BATHURST wheel and tire packages.

Free Shipping, Free Lugs on all TSW wheels.

Finish: Rotary Forged/Silver
TSW BATHURST Rotary Forged/Silver
Price per Wheel
AVAILABILITY: VARIES (Based on Size and Configuration). Click on FITMENT to check if Wheel or Package you selected will fit your car
Size Price  
17x9 $290.4
17x8 $290.4
18x10.5 $338.8
18x8.5 $338.8
18x8 $338.8
18x9 $338.8
18x7.5 $338.8
18x9.5 $338.8
19x8 $387.2
19x8.5 $387.2
19x9 $387.2
19x9.5 $387.2
19x10.5 $387.2
20x9.5 $435.6
20x10 $435.6
20x10.5 $435.6
20x8.5 $435.6
20x9 $435.6

The Package name is TSW BATHURST