FOCAL 428 F04 SILVER Custom Wheels from at discount prices.
Victoria Tire and Wheel offers the FOCAL 428 F04 SILVER rims at unbeatable wheels and tires package pricing, including Free Shipping.
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Finish: Silver
Focal Wheels, by Ultra Wheel, manufactures top quality wheels with contemporary tuner and race designs. Focal Wheels offeres many finishes such as matte black, satin black, red stripe, anthracite, silver, slate grey, and various machined wheel finishes. The Focal 428 F04 SILVER Wheel is offered in rim diamaters of 15,16,17,18 inches as well as a number of bolt patterns and offsets to ensure proper fitment on your vehicle. At extremely competitive prices the Focal Wheel line is a great way to make your wheels the Focal point of your car.
FOCAL 428 F04 SILVER Silver
Price per Wheel
AVAILABILITY: VARIES (Based on Size and Configuration)
Size Price  
15x6.5 $109
16x7 $129
17x7.5 $139
18x8 $159

The Package name is FOCAL 428 F04 SILVER