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Falken Tires had established a global reputation for cutting edge development and precision design. Falken Tire is dedicated to provide value in the ultra high performance category. Falken Tire's sustained commitment to advanced technological achievements, products and environmental consciousness makes Falken a great value. With an ongoing commitment to technological advancements, design innovation, and environmental consciousness, Falken Tire is primed to lead the pack into the future of high performance tires.
Falken TiresFalken Tire Type
Falken Azenis PT-722
Falken Azenis RT-615K
Falken FK-452Passenger Tires-Ultra High Performance Summer
Falken Azenis RT-615Passenger Tires-Max Performance
Falken Ziex ZE-912Passenger Tires-High Performance All Season
Falken Wild Peak H/T
Falken High Country ATLight Truck/SUV Tires-All Terrain
Falken Wild Peak ATLight Truck/SUV Tires-All Terrain
Falken SINCERA SN211Passenger Tires-Touring

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