AVENUE A603 BLACK Custom Wheels from victoriatire.com at discount prices.
Victoria Tire and Wheel offers the AVENUE A603 BLACK rims at unbeatable wheels and tires package pricing, including Free Shipping.
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Finish: Black/Black Lip
AVENUE A603 BLACK Wheel is offered in rim sizes 18,20,22. Wheel is also available in a number of different wheel bolt patterns and offsets to ensure proper fitment on a wide range of cars. You can be sure that AVENUE Wheels will provide top quality products when searching for the right wheels for your car
AVENUE A603 BLACK Black/Black Lip
Price per Wheel
AVAILABILITY: VARIES (Based on Size and Configuration)
Size Price  
18x7.5 $135
20x8 $169
22x9.5 $195

The Package name is AVENUE A603 BLACK
WHEELS & TIRES PACKAGES (4 Rims & 4 Tires)

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Size Package Tire
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18x7.5 215/35HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1044
18x7.5 225/40HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1064
18x7.5 235/40HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1084
18x7.5 245/40HR18 SUNNY SN-3800 $1094
20x8 245/40ZR20 ACHILLES DESRT HAWK $1514
20x8 225/35ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $1460
20x8 245/35ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $1460
20x8 255/35ZR20 SUNNY SN-3800 $1460
22x9.5 245/30HR22 LEXANI LX-9 $1614
22x9.5 265/35VR22 SUNNY SN-3980 $1614